Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

This is once again another Zack Snyder film that will have its fans but overall didn't do a thing for me. I keep giving Snyder the benefit of the doubt as I always hope to be impressed by one of his films, but that rarely happens. The only thing that "Army of the Dead" has going for it is its over-the-top violence/action scenes and the opening credits which like the one from "Watchmen", did a great job of establishing the situation & the world of the movie.

The rest of the movie was unfortunately cliche as we follow a group of generic characters, who I can barely recall half of their names, as they commit a heist in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Now I would have forgiven the film's genericness if it was just a fast-paced gory extravaganza. However, the film is two and a half hours long which leads to a lot of slow build-up & progression which Snyder can't help but keep doing in his movies which he insists on making overly long and drawn out.

The cast of characters were a forgettable bunch as each one was like a bingo card of cliches that each one specifically has. The writing was also really shit and kinda reminded me of the writing of a Michael Bay movie. But the thing that really hurt this film was its cinematography. I don't know what lens Snyder was using but every other scene looked like a blur as there was a constant shift of focus between either characters or objects and this made the film quite ugly & an eyesore to look at.

Overall, Snyder is just not the type of filmmaker I gravitate towards as his style just doesn't work for me. There are certain qualities to "Army of the Dead" that I found to be good but most of it I just found to be rubbish. But if your a fan of Snyder or your looking for a zombie gore-fest, you will be entertained. In the end, there was real potential to do something interesting, but the execution made it feel like a Michael Bay movie but with Snyder's coat of paint.

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