Midsommar ★★★

3? 3.5 at the very best.

yts are freaks.

honestly don’t understand the hype at all.

it looks good and all but it wasn’t emotionally captivating or menacing. didn’t make me feel empty either tbh, in fact, i was laughing half the time because it was just so... 😑🥴🥴

felt like pretty much literally every other a24 film i’ve ever seen, nice visuals and beautiful cinematography, but mediocre and lacking a lot story-wise. no valuable substance, no flavor. quickly forgettable.

like... okay??? what am i supposed to do about it? whites are deranged and you shouldn’t ever go to a place where they are the majority, we all know that but... where’s the horror aspect aside from the gore? it’s not bad, just underwhelming.

also, it was rather dull and only got me hooked and engaged within the last hour.