The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back ★★★½

luke... baby...

i’m still trying to process what happened to luke in the final act of this film... i’m literally still crying... he’s my boyfriend. i love him and i will literally do anything to protect him and make him happy. 🥺🥺🥺

*processing what happened is finalized*

okay so... umm... well, THAT happened... i just really want to give my baby luke a hug after that traumatic twist in the final act... he didn’t deserve that... he’s worthy of love and support and care and nourishment because of how soft and pure he is.

anyway, enough crying about my soft gay baby and time to review the film.

the empire strikes back is genuinely a really fun movie to watch despite not being THAT rich in substance, like how a new hope was. it really nails the purpose of a sequel as a part of a much bigger franchise. the story may not have been that eventful throughout the duration of this film, but it had some major instances in the last thirty-or-so minutes that would really catapult the story to new horizons.

some would really criticize how this film had a middle-of-the story plot (let’s pretend i didn’t just copy that sentence from wikipedia...), but honestly, i really like how it ended on a cliffhanger. like it truly set an unprecedented scene where sequels could have continuing narratives without a defined ending so they could move on with the story in later installments.

the directing and cinematography were one step (or really several steps) above how they were in the first film. i love how so many shots were even more “mind-blowingly” gorgeous than many iconic shots in episode iv. like it was all so pretty and the photography in this film was literally transfixing tbh.

the visual effects in this sequel were FAR better than they were in a new hope. it’s still baffling me how there was only a three-year-long gap between the first and second installments of the trilogy. i mean... the 1977 film already had vfx that were way ahead of its time and this one just took what its predecessor had built and took it to the next level.

the acting, as it is with the original trilogy, is less dramatic and more sort of theatrical and play-like (i really am not making it clear enough... umm, chile, anyway so...). james earl jones voicing vader is literally one of the best decisions ever made in film history. his landmark voice is just *chef’s kiss*. also, mark hamill playing luke still makes cry from the “uwu baby” vibes he radiates. i love he.

the score for this movie was literally even better than it was in episode iv... the way each of the main characters had their own themes and they all really intensified each and every scene... john williams, I LOVE YOU.

i think the only technical aspect of this film that was quite bugging me was how the audio was offset in some scenes, and how the dialogue was studio-recorded in some others... for example, luke in the opening scene had an essentially completely different voice from what he had throughout the rest of the movie.

the empire strikes back really is one fantastic sequel that improves on its predecessor, with intense moments and shocking twists, and i, for one, really love it.

also, ilysmls (i love you so much, luke skywalker).