American Reunion ★★★★

It's simple. Either you enjoy American Pie, or you don't. It's coming of age story isn't exactly an original concept, but, the film is funny. Very funny. The characters are lovable, and it is genuinely a good film. 13 years later and American Pie: Reunion is here, and, it was inevetable, right? The good news is, everyone's back (faces that haven't been seen since the second installment all make appearances). The bad news? Its been 13 years. Time has clearly taken its toll on the actors. Many franchises try to reignite old flames by bringing a new film out, and the majority of the time, they don't work. Time has taken too much of a toll, and the story may not be half as good as the original. American Pie: Reunion is not in that majority. Its as enjoyable as the first, its as funny as the first, and the characters are still as lovable. Sure it's a money making scheme, but, its an enjoyable one, and once more its lovely to see the characters back on the big screen. The only question that remains is: do you love American Pie, or not? That will be the only reason to enjoy or not enjoy it's sequel.