Prometheus ★★

Ok. First and foremost: Prometheus? Not a prequel to Alien. Well, it is, but, it isn't. Those phrases you've heard being battered around that describe it more as 'in the same universe' or 'sharing the same DNA' are actually quite accurate, but I digest... Prometheus very much is a film within its own right. It has its own narrative to explore, its own characters to dissect, and that is where Prometheus has its major problems. We all get the jist right? The film started out as a means to explore the unanswered questions left behind in Director Ridley Scott's original 1979 masterpiece, however along the way, the story evolved and became something much bigger. Attempting to not only answer the questions left behind but ask a lot more, and in doing so, the writers have created what would seem to be the first part of new trilogy, albeit one we really don't need.

Yes, OK, perhaps it's not fair to judge Prometheus against Alien: it's attempt to difference itself from the franchise is hugely present, but then thats where the ideas were born - take those away and your left with a film that has to name drop Alien just to get an audience. The concepts are amazing, the ideas are incredible. If Prometheus hadn't of been hyped up as the long awaited prequel to one of sci-fi's greatest films it could of been something really brilliant. However now, it will always be seen as "the alien prequel", and Scott and co. have only themselves to blame. It's a disappointing film. Its messy, quite often silly, and predictable. The themes and ideas are genuinely brilliant, and the visuals are stunning, but it really is dragged down as a result of the poor narrative and characters. It often feels very smug about itself, and there's a sense of self importance that oozes throughout. Michael Fassbender however, steals every scene he appears in, and could (could!) be the saving grace for Prometheus.

With the possibility of two more films yet to come, and not much story, really to explore, the thought really falls to the words: Cash In. Theres no passion here anymore, no feeling, just another film jumping on the bandwagon. The answers to questions fans have waited so many years to see play out weren't really worth the wait at all.