The Hunger Games ★★★★

The Hunger Games has been a long time coming. The plot is a frenzied attack on today's society, and what an attack it is. Set in the near future where the world has been ruined by war and natural disasters, the country of Panem (formally North America), divided into 12 districts surrounding the capitol, holds a yearly event known as the Hunger Games. 12 boys and 12 girls (each plucked from a disrict) are forced to appear in the live TV show that has only one rule: kill or be killed. With this backdrop the film, much like the book hurries along at a breathetaking pace, and soon our protagonist, Katniss Everdeen is whisked off to The Capitol for training and preparation for the event. Every aspect that was discussed in the book: The ridiculous fashion, economic state, reliance of technology and the hideousness of the media are present in the film, and its in these undercurrents that really open your eyes to what we, as a society could become. Everything is bang on the money. The film looks and feels as epic as anything before it. The fact that it is aimed toward a younger audience (aswell as an older) just made te film even bolder. As an adaption, The hunger games would get the 5 star treatment. It's every bit as indulgent as the book. As a standalone film, its a strong first entry for the trilogy, with only a few minor things that could make it just that little bit better.