Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

We’re all currently living in a period of time where we’ve had to adapt to a sudden change in circumstances and each of us have had to deal with that in our own ways, mostly on our own. This pandemic has been thrust upon us out of nowhere. In Sound of Metal, Riz’s character has to deal with the trauma of losing his hearing. A huge change that alters his life out of nowhere. It’s a film about having to deal with challenging unpredictable events and the consequences of those changes that follow. Devastation and hope. But it’s also about appreciating what we take for granted and learning how to find move forward after trauma. Things may never be the same as before, but there is still enjoyment and peace to be found. 

Riz, as I’d expected, was fantastic. As was the extremely clever sound design which really makes you experience for yourself the claustrophobia and uncomfortableness that Ruben suffers at the beginning. For a film which is mostly almost silent, your focus is drawn to each tiny sound you hear and it feels amplified. By the end of the film, the silence is somewhat overwhelmingly comforting. 

A really beautiful film. I’ll be watching this again soon.

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