Dune ★★★★★

My most anticipated film of the year actually managed to hit the mark. This film is an absolute marvel to behold. The sheer scale and ambition of the film is something worth admiring by itself for sure. 

Let’s actually talk about the film itself. I won’t be spoiling what happens here for anyone because that just isn’t fair at all. Instead I will just point out some of my personal highlights and later down the track I’ll go over the story itself. The performances in this film aren’t the things that will win awards but I think there are some really good performances here. Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac are definitely my luck of the bunch. Chalamet in particular shows a completely different side to himself what he usually likes to play. He’s not cool, calm and collected all of the time anymore. There is an edge to the performance this time and it’s nice to see. 

The actual pacing of the story is built up like an orchestra building up to a crescendo and then bringing it back down again. There are a few really big moments in the film but most of the film is world building for the potential trilogy to come. I’m absolutely fine with that because the story was fascinating and exploring the two planets was still entertaining. The imagination put into some of the ships and the world design is brilliant too. I’m not someone who has read the book but I’ve heard this is a rather faithful adaption of Herbert’s novel. 

Where the film should score wins next year are score and all of the effects because these are unbelievable. There were several instances where I said wow out loud which is not something that usually happens. You know most of the time you say it in your head but it was just so cool to see. 

I really am dying to talk about the story but I will save it for another time. I can’t wait for everyone to see this movie so they can enjoy it as much as I did.

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