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This review may contain spoilers.

This one may end up being a permanent on my favourites list. It’s hard to put yourself in the kind of space this film wants you to go in and the way it walks you through it is amazing.

Some people may even agree with what some of the characters say to Cassie at some point. But every time she flips it on them and they begin to see what they’ve done. The Dean is the one that should have the impact on most people. Well if you believe they’re exaggerating it then imagine if it is your own loved one. 

It’s a difficult topic to put across in a film because it has made such an impact of people’s lives and not everybody will agree with how the film approaches it. I’ve been fortunate enough to have never been in a situation like that and I hope I never will be. But it’s about the social obligation we have to not just shrug off what people say. Oh, I have more important things to do or “oh no they’re too nice to do something like that”. 

The ending is the thing that seems to be a big point of contention for most people. It doesn’t fit or something like that. I think it fits perfectly. The ending isn’t just for Cassie. It’s to show what happens to these people when it goes wrong. His so called best buddy is nowhere to be seen and all the weaseling around he did still got him nowhere. Even on second viewing the emotional impact it made on me is a lot. You’ve witnessed the horror of what happened to Cassie and that it’s all over. But it wasn’t over and they got what they deserved. In fact they just made it worse for themselves by committing an even worse crime.

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