Avengers: Endgame

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This review may contain spoilers.

I love this whole big zany thing and this one made me love it all more.

-The slow, sad open
-SELLING THE STAKES of the snap EVEN THOUGH we all know how this is going to shake out!!
-I took the ending of Infinity War to be a promise of time travel shenanigans and this delivered BEYOND MY WILDEST IMAGININGS
-I can't believe how much I have come to adore Captain America/Chris Evans, and this one had me adorin' even harder
-Smart Hulk is my new best friend and I love him very much
-For real tho, the fx work infusing Hulk with Ruffalo-ness is top notch. Such a fun animated performance.
-It's like they gave Captain Marvel the haircut just to make the dipshits who are mad about that kind of thing even madder, and I love it.
-How much of it is just friends talking about feelings
-It made me cry like 9 times
-Selling the paper thin goofball time travel science with a genuinely wonderful Tony character beat

-Jokey Fat Thor is still hotter than me, a person who has been called Fat Thor on more than one occasion.
-The begging for feminist woke cred after slotting in a female-led hero and director LITERALLY LAST THING before this is... not a great look.
-REALLY didn't love the soul stone choice. I would kill Hawkeye with my bare hands if I could. Bad call!
-Setting the finale (Which I like overall!) in a field of brown mulch is just... like... WHY
-Anonymous hoard of disposable goblins in the finale (Which I like overall!)

I really just can't believe something this enormous and silly and cumbersome got to exist, much less feel completely elegant and work on me on every emotional level. This is a really weird, special thing.

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