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  • Carlito's Way

    Carlito's Way


    Aside from Penn, none of the actors in Carlito’s Way are delivering career-defining performances, and yet with this cast, those in the likes of Pacino can operate at half speed and still present us with something of the utmost quality. 
    Carlito’s Way is a movie that’s been on my radar for far too long, and the fact I’m only watching it for the first time now is almost criminal. God, I love it. 
    De Palma delivers us yet another masterclass…

  • Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette


    I feel like there's a target audience for Marie Antoinette that I don't quite fit into. 
    Now, this isn't to say I don't like the movie. 
    On more than enough fronts it impresses and holds up as a well-made, energetic period piece. I personally loved the flair and life injected into this piece. 
    I do however struggle with the point of such a film, or maybe, more with the paths it takes, and where the main focus seems to be…

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  • Eternals



    Nervous is quite the understatement in describing my anxieties when entering the cinema to watch this one. Normally I'd never set my expectations so high, but as if to put myself on an almost certain course for disappointment I let my enthusiasm envelop me. How could I not? This cast, oh God, what a cast, and then, of course, the incredible Chloé Zhao. This was actually the first time I'd be seeing her work on the big screen, and from…

  • Tenet



    Brutal be the absolute mind fuckery that is Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. 
    It's worth mentioning straight off the bat this movie does indeed excel and exceed itself in some very particular departments. Visually it's nothing short of art, and if anything, it's just another perfect example as to how ideal Noland would be sat in the director's chair of a James Bond film. However, unfortunately, as I'd feared, Tenet is simply a little too complex for its own good. The convoluted…