Cruella ★★★

I'm not at all an objector to this whole fad of traditional Disney properties reimagined from the villains perspective, but I'm not blind to the fact that said prospect is usually prioritised around making bank as opposed to telling a good story. 
Going into Cruella, my expectations weren't particularly high, and so I'm chuffed to admit I was pleasantly surprised with this one. 
It's actually impressive just how much substance they were able to inject into the character of Cruella. One might suggest a little too much perhaps. 
At two-plus hours long, the movie explores several paths, involving several tonal shifts. Our leads agendas drastically change from one extreme to the next, as Cruella transitions from the Devil Wears Prada, through Oceans Eleven, and finally settling on a defanged Joker. Sure it gets dark, but never so much so that it’ll truly scare the kids. 
For me, the highlight was Stone, whom I'm not always a fan of, but in character as Cruella, she seemed to be having all the fun, transcending to what is maybe one of my favourite performances of hers to date. 
At its worst, the movie simply outstays its welcome. By the 90 minute mark, it had told all the story it needed to, and seemed set on padding its conclusion out to draw an unnecessary suspension. 
This been said Cruella was, for the most part, thoroughly enjoyable.

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