Dora and the Lost City of Gold ★★★

Well... there’s your proof Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull should’ve been a kids movie. 
Uff, I actually really enjoyed Dora and the Lost City Of Gold. There are advantages to lowering your expectations to practically nil and adopting the mindset of a child when sitting down to this kind of film, and hell, if I’d watched Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with the same attitude, maybe I’d have enjoyed it too... probably not though.
Simply put Dora and the Lost City Of Gold is harmless fun at its best. At its heart, it’s a family film. the target audience is obviously the children, but there’s enough substance in the story to keep the adults engaged, and the humor appeals to all. 
Isabela Merced’s portrayal of Dora starts off a little shaky. I wasn’t confident I’d warm to her hyperactive kookiness, however once the character was set amongst other teenagers of the same age group, I started feeling Mean Girls vibes, and from that point on Dora’s awkwardness went from annoying to one of the more comedic elements of the film, all the while giving Merced an opportunity to play a part in which she wasn’t surrounded by the ruthless bloodshed of Sicario 2, or being distastefully sexualized like what Michael Bay had done with her in Transformers.
If you’ve got kids of your own, or nephews and nieces, this is definitely a movie you can get behind. It plays out like an extended episode of an afternoon children’s TV series, which makes sense, of course, being that’s what Dora was, to begin with (as far as I’m aware).

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