Us ½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

the good: A seemingly decent approach to the way regular people are controlled in society. The interpretation I like the most is that it was inspired by religion and the crusades, the red jumpsuits as the red cross of the templars. The power outage as the dark ages, then isolated and alienated people would attempt to unite/connect the world through a line (the trade routes maybe) killing everyone who didn't share their beliefs. What the hell are the scissors then? Hell if I care. A similar structure to "Get Out" but the overcoming of the trauma by the protagonist has a pretty interesting twist, so even though the structure seems similar, it has good tweaks to it.

the bad: I was more turned on by the psycho twins than by the regular twins.

the ugly: It feels incomplete. The story should have presented everything faster until the confrontation between Fake Addy and Addy, then the movie should have told the story of the opposite side. There is too much left outside of the narrative and it is so frustrating and dumb.

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