In this drama written and directed by Tony Garnett, Kathleen (Karen Young) is in no mood to take on a new boyfriend. Macho Larry (Clayton Day), however, will not tolerate sexual rebuffs.

The story concerns a teacher (Karen Young) who is taught how to use a gun in order to get her revenge against the lawyer (Clayton Day) who sexually assaulted her.

Karen Young gives a poor performance in her role as Kathleen, the student who clearly has a lot of other things on her mind, rather than focusing on what she is meant to be doing.

The same comments can also apply to Clayton Day in his role as Macho Larry, the lawyer who is also clearly concentrating on other things. It is not the only major problems the movie has.

The direction from Garnett is not good as he creates no tense atmosphere happening whatsoever, while the script is written to a poor standard by the director as there is absolutely no focus on the story and it takes forever to get going.

Some moments in the film are uncomfortable to view and this doesn’t help, while the pace is ridiculously slow.

Overall, poor performances, direction and script means Handgun is one very, very unsatisfactory film – and one of the worst to have been made in this year.