Men in Black: International

Men in Black: International

F. Gary Gray’s action adventure sees the Men in Black take on their largest task yet: to stop a mole in their organisation. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Kumail Nanjiani and Emma Thompson.

Men in Black: International is the fourth instalment in the Men in Black franchise. I really like the first one, but was not keen on the second or third.

As a result, my expectations for International were low and not only have proven to be correct but, for me, this film is one that should never have been done.

The Men in Black have long-drawn-out to cover the world but so have the rogues of the universe. To keep all and sundry safe, ornamented Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) and resolute rookie M (Tessa Thompson) team up – an improbable pairing that possibly may work.

When aliens that can take the procedure of any human touch down on Earth, H and M go on board a world-trotting quest to rescue the organisation – and eventually the world – from their naughty schemes.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson both give unconvincing performances in their respective roles as H and M, the two agents who are given the task of saving the Earth and their organisation. (As if we have not seen this enough times in movies).

Elsewhere, Kumail Nanjiani is OK as the voice of Pawny, while Rafe Spall, Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson don’t offer much n their respective roles as C, O and High T, three other agents involved.

The direction from Gray is not good as he creates no tense atmosphere happening whatsoever, while the script is written to a poor standard by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum as, at times, there is absolutely no focus on the story at all.

Not only this, but the action scenes don’t get the edge-of-the-seat status when they really should, while I also believe that the visual effects don’t dazzle.

Overall, Men in Black: International is a poor science-fiction film, due to the unconvincing performances, direction, weak script, slow pace, long duration and lack of action and tension.

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