Rambo ★★

Rambo (Sylvester Stallone, who also directs) joins a group of mercenaries to rescue a group of Christian aid workers kidnapped in war-torn Burma. Also starring Julie Benz and Paul Schulze.

The fourth entry in the Rambo franchise is set two decades after the events of Rambo III, which came out twenty years earlier. However, this entry in the series is yet another disappointment.

Having long-since uninhibited his life as a deadly soldier, John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) lives an unsociable life close to the Thai border. A couple of weeks after superintendent a proselytiser (Julie Benz) and her friends into Burma, he gets a vital call for assistance.

The proselytisers have not come back and even though he is unenthusiastic to hold violence again, Rambo sets out to save the prisoners from the Burmese military.

Sylvester Stallone gives an OK performance in his part as Joh Rambo, the Vietnam expert forced to help out, even though he really doesn’t want to. However, it’s a pity because, just like the other entries, Rambo isn’t that determined.

Elsewhere, Julie Benz and Paul Schulze don’t offer much in their respective roles as Sarah Miller and Michael Burnett. Sarah is one of the missionaries who needs rescuing, while Michael is the missionary doctor and it isn’t the only problems the movie has.

The direction from Stallone is OK but it should have been better, such as showing more facial expressions to a stronger effect, while also having more of a tense atmosphere happening as well – this doesn’t occur much.

The script is written to an OK standard by the director and Art Monterastelli as it is weak in places and there are scenes that did not need to be in the final edit, so the duration didn’t need to be as long as it was and the pace is slow.

Some of the violence can be disturbing in places and on occasions, it is not part of the story, which doesn’t help.

Overall, it is a slight improvement over the two previous instalments, but Rambo isn’t enough to get a recommendation, due to the OK performances, direction, weak script, slow pace and lack of tension and character determination.

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