• Reaper



    John Bradshaw’s thriller starring Chris Sarandon and Catherine Mary Stewart in which a crime novelist finds himself the prime suspect for a murder.

    The story concerns horror writer Luke Sinclair (Chris Sarandon) who departures to a tiny town to complete writing his latest novel. No sooner has he made his entrance, however, than a young woman is killed in the woods not too far away, in situations similar to those in his popular novel, ‘Reaper’.

    Faced with cumulative pressure from…

  • Sister of the Groom

    Sister of the Groom


    Amy Miller Gross’s comedy. At a destination wedding weekend, a woman tries to put a premature end to her brother’s upcoming nuptials.

    Throughout a destination wedding weekend, a woman (Alicia Silverstone) and her trustworthy husband come up with a number of uncomfortable calamities in efforts to damage the relationship between her brother (Jake Hoffman) and his new wife (Mathilde Ollivier).

    Alicia Silverstone gives an okay performance as Audrey, the woman whose attempts to stop her brother’s very special occasion aren’t…

  • Nuclear



    Catherine Linstrum’s drama. After being attacked by her brother, a young woman escapes to a wild, open country, only to find refuge in the shadow of a nuclear power station.

    After an act of fierceness which has been done by her individual brother (Oliver Coopersmith), Emma (Emilia Jones) gets away with her mother (Sienna Guillory) to wild, open country, where they locate shelter in an inaccessible retreat in the gloominess of a nuclear power station.

    Emilia Jones gives an okay…

  • Norm of the North: Family Vacation

    Norm of the North: Family Vacation

    Anthony Bell’s animated sequel, the fourth instalment in the series. Overwhelmed with his royal duties, Norm searches for his missing crown while fixing his family relationships.

    Conquered with his Kingly duties, Norm’s crown is taken away and he goes on an adventure to locate it in combination with building back his family’s relationship in the fourth – and latest – entry in the Norm of the North series.

    Andrew Toth gives an unconvincing voice performance in his role as the…

  • Norm of the North: King Sized Adventure

    Norm of the North: King Sized Adventure

    Richard Finn and Tim Maltby’s animated sequel. An ancient Chinese artefact has been stolen, and with the help of his Lemming friends, Norm embarks on a mission to return it to the people of China.

    The third entry and second sequel in this animated series sees an archaic Chinese object which has been stolen by a wicked archaeologist named Dexter. With the assistance of his lemming pals, Norm is forced to stick to his word and go on an adventure…

  • Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom

    Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom

    Tim Maltby and Richard Finn’s animated comedy sequel. Norm, has to rescue New York City and his home. But Norm is then accused for a corruption he didn’t even do.

    The second entry in the Norm of the North series concentrates on Norm the polar bear who runs into concern when he makes his way to New York to receive the keys to the city. When he comes back home, he has to team up with his animal pals to…

  • Norm of the North

    Norm of the North

    Trevor Wall takes charge of this animated comedy adventure about a greedy developer who threatens a polar bear’s home with new construction. Starring Rob Schneider, Heather Graham and Bill Nighy.

    The story concerns Norm (Rob Schneider), the polar bear who has no idea how to hunt, but he does have the exceptional aptitude to communicate to humans. When the rich Mr. Greene (Ken Jeong) reveals his idea to make relaxing condos in the Arctic, Norm comprehends that his adored home…

  • Rose



    Jennifer Sheridan’s horror in which a husband lives with his ill wife in solitude in the remote woodlands - until a mysterious stranger comes to visit. 

    Absorbed by a ferocious, frightening illness, Rose (Sophie Rundle) exists in isolation with her husband (Matt Stokoe), but the entrance of an unknown destroys the delicate protection they have made. 

    Sophie Rundle and Matt Stokoe (a real-life married couple) both give good performances in their respective parts as Rose and Sam, the couple whose…

  • The Racer

    The Racer


    Keiron J. Walsh’s drama. As a doping scandal rips through the 1998 Tour de France, a seasoned support cyclist confronts the end of his career, and maybe even his life.

    The story concerns an experienced support rider who finds himself involved in the most extraordinary couple of days of his life – and possibly the conclusion of his career – at the beginning Irish stages of the disreputable 1998 Tour de France.

    Louis Talpe gives a good performance in his…

  • Wander Darkly

    Wander Darkly


    Tara Miele’s drama in which new parents Adrienne (Sienna Miller) and Matteo (Diego Luna) are forced to reckon with trauma and revisit painful memories.

    The story concerns Adrienne (Sienna Miller) and Matteo (Diego Luna) who meet an awful incident that confuses their reminiscences. As the indeterminate state makes them doubt their history and where they are right now, they unite to revive their romance.

    Sienna Miller and Diego Luna both give good performances in their respective parts as Adrienne and…

  • Vanguard



    Stanley Tong’s action thriller in which a covert security firm is an accountant’s last hope when hunted by a deadly organisation. Starring Jackie Chan, Yang Yang and Lun Ai. In Mandarin with English subtitles.

    The story concerns Qin (Jackson Lou), an accountant existing in the United Kingdom, who is embattled by the person in charge of an extremist organisation. His only optimism for survival is Vanguard, a leading protection company.

    Jackson Lou gives an okay performance in his role as…

  • Fukushima 50

    Fukushima 50


    Setsurō Wakamatsu’s powerful drama in which workers at a nuclear facility risk their lives to prevent total destruction after the region is devastated by a tsunami in 2011. In Japanese with English subtitles.

    Friday 11 March 2011 – a date I remember very well, waking up to the absolutely terrible news that was coming out of North-East Japan, when the biggest earthquake ever was recorded – not just in Japan – in the world.

    Fukushima 50 looks at the aftermath…