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  • Elvis


    Writing this in the bath, as Elvis would have wanted.
    The best biopics are ones that are about something more than their subject. The work of Andrew Dominik, for example, is almost entirely biographical, biopic or documentary, and each manages to use their subject to explore the universal from a particular perspective.
    I mention Dominik because his film Chopper, of all things, feels oddly similar to Elvis. Both are portraits of, to put it mildly, difficult men who found public…

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive

    Most are rapturous about this film. Oh the romance! Oh the tragedy!
    And it is difficult to disagree. The film has a hazily, dreamily compelling, gently pulling the viewer through its less sensical detours to the romance, the tragedy (oh!). I can't help but feel, however, that this is all an obfuscation of a naked misogyny that permeates the film (and frankly much of Lynch's work).
    The last portion paints a grim picture of its female characters; Diane, the woman…

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  • WALL·E


    Truly the apotheosis of hateful ideology, "Wall-E" is nothing more than a regressive paean to the horrors of capitalistic physicality.
    "Wall-E" envisions a society that is free from work, hierarchy and stress of any kind and, rather than recognising this as the post-scarcity paradise that this really is, proceeds to paint it as corrupt and decadent. Instead, "Wall-E" valourises the crude and rapacious acquisition of late (and early) stage capitalism, presenting a disingenuous argument for the "satisfaction" that "hard work"…

  • Titane



    It might be my one track mind, but the repeated trans experiences featured in Titane can hardly be coincidence. The film features cranial surgery requiring titanium plates in skulls, binding in order to pass and taking shots in order to masculinise.
    With this in mind, the narrative of the film takes on a familiar arc. A largely unlivable life, characterised by violence performed on bodies, is replaced with a firmer, more coherent life, as long as a bodily "truth" is…