Romeo + Juliet ★★★★½

I have a confession to make.
This is something that I have struggled with for a very long time but I am no longer ashamed and am finally ready to be honest with the world.
I am a Baz Luhrmann fan.
Strictly Ballroom is amazing. Moulin Rouge is a masterpiece. The Great Gatsby is just so great. Australia... I'll get back to you when (if) I rewatch it...
Of all his films though, Romeo + Juliet is by far the best. The film is simultaneously playful and emotional, trashy and beautiful, with perfectly pitched performances (John Leguiziamo and Diane Verona are particular standouts). Who needs the Bard's words when you have visuals this sumptuous?
The soundtrack is insane. Like, who thinks of putting Butthole Surfers on the playlist for an adaptation of Romeo + Juliet? Baz, being the cinematic genius he is, clearly does. His choice of needle drops are almost on the level of Michael Mann.
And finally, for the second time this week, Baz has made me tear up in one of his films. His commitment to the emotion of a scene is so complete and pure that it hits me full force every time.
I am no longer ashamed to say that Baz makes me cry. In fact, I'm proud. I urge you all to return to his work; life is far too short to live in Baz denial.

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