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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver

    Edgar Wright’s fascination with the generic trappings of American cinema has finally taken him firmly stateside for Baby Driver, in his first production since the end of ‘The Cornetto Trilogy’. A sun soaked action comedy coated in the arms of retrograde influences and modern customs – a toe-tapping masterpiece of visual construction and heartfelt sincerity.

    A fairly traditional story of stock types and narrative expectation follow our lead, Baby (Ansel Elgort), on his escapades as a talented getaway driver and…

  • The Belko Experiment

    The Belko Experiment

    Greg McLean’s filmography hasn’t really tread too far from his debut Wolf Creek, which was a nasty little slasher in vein of 70s exploitation horror films depicting exotic foreign lands. But at the same time he’s never quite been as unrestrained as he was allowed to be there. To wit, we have The Belko Experiment; a not entirely original horror thriller with a decent gimmick.

    Said gimmick consisting of a sort of ‘Battle Royale’ that unfolds within a high-rise corporate…

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  • The Babadook

    The Babadook

    The Babadook is the kind of experience that doesn’t come around often enough within genre cinema. Though pitched as an effective, supernatural horror fare through its marketing material, Jennifer Kent’s debut feature is one that goes far deeper into the minds of its characters than anyone could expect; and the final product is the one of the most unsettling, frightening and emotionally charged films of the year.

    Following the loss of her husband, Amelia (Davis) is struggling to raise her…

  • Prisoners


    Besides a climactic third act that ties things up a little tighter than anticipated, this is a more than solid enough crime thriller with great performances to boast. The "what if?" scenario of a Stieg Larson style villain entering the real world is compelling if not totally convincing by the end, but its the character focus and deconstruction that really sets this one apart. Its a much darker and more morally questionable film than you'd ever expect it to be, and yet another example of Hollywood trying to catch up to the quality of the latest Nordic drama phase. At least, this is done well.