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  • Room



    This movie made me think back to a small gesture of love I received today. I now know that it was much grander than I experienced in the moment. The world is good.

  • Perfect Strangers

    Perfect Strangers


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    1. Straight people are weird.
    2. Humans are bad at monogamy.
    3. I enjoy movies that are really just people talking in a room.

    The movie is such a clear display of repression in intimacy and friendship, that I found its conclusion jarringly conservative. It shows that we all have secrets that could break us, but then considers this an imperative state, just for being stable.

    The characters are close to recognising that there is a different way of relating;…

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  • Pan's Labyrinth

    Pan's Labyrinth


    "The flowers on the film are there for those who know where to look" —Guillermo del Toro, audio commentary on 'El laberinto del fauno'

  • Blood Simple

    Blood Simple


    If you don't know the audio commentary with Kenneth Loring, there's a new Coen film waiting for you.