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    Check out pp. 392-395 of Marlon Brando's Songs my Mother Taught Me for some unsavory anecdotes about Pontecorvo, but—separating the art from the artist—this is a classic unabashed Marxist film with an important reminder that "strange bedfellows" obtain for all sorts of reasons and always require serious, assiduous analyses, not kneejerk reactions and "tarnishing by association" that has become so commonplace amongst the Western left.

    That is to say (in the context of this film), Britain supporting the liberation of…

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  • Ukraine on Fire

    Ukraine on Fire

    The abundance of typos (at least one every few minutes) in the onscreen text is remarkable: clearly the production budget was quite low. Nevertheless, a lot of germane information about Ukraine's recent political history is provided here, with Yanukovych and Putin providing important commentary. The fascist and neo-Nazi players in Euromaidan are exposed, as is the U.S. State Department's involvement. I recommend pairing this with A Very Heavy Agenda.

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    Not my kind of film, and pretty forgettable, in my opinion. Kind of a black comedy, though more black than comedy.

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  • Rising Above: Women of Vietnam

    Rising Above: Women of Vietnam

    Doesn't have the frisson of The Hour of Liberation Has Arrived or Leila and the Wolves, but the interviews are interesting and informative and it's overall a well-done documentary. Would have preferred it without the voicing over in English. (Fortunately, the undubbed audio track and the dubbed audio are on two separate channels of the stereo track, so one could theoretically make an undubbed fanedit… maybe I will!)

    Support Heiny Srour so that her films can be restored and receive a wider distribution! www.gofundme.com/f/support-heiny-srour

  • The Hour of Liberation Has Arrived

    The Hour of Liberation Has Arrived

    When Marx said "Die Proletarier haben nichts in ihr zu verlieren als ihre Ketten," he could have been describing the people of Dhofar, who came together in a terrific example of revolutionary progress to build their first roads, educate their people (and children), liberate their women from ingrained cultural and economic systems of patriarchy, and fight a noble and just anticolonial struggle. It would have been nice to know where all the guns came from (and in general, more context…