Cinderella ★★★★★

Excellent palette cleanser after watching the most horrifying film I’ve ever seen. Comforting details include:
-upside down tea cups
-corn kernel tower breakfast
-sponge soaking for bath time
-beads strung on a mouse tail
-colourful bubbles harmonizing mop time
-dust-pan paw prints on clean floor
-squeaky flute stepsister duo
-button imprint cat nose
-chalk lines on pink fabric
-swirly old key sitting heavily in pocket
-distant hazy crystal chandeliers
-broken monocle
-new meaning to King-sized bed
-extra knuckle in stepmother’s hands
-candle cannon on spool
-miniature trap doors with satisfying creaks hidden all over
-And her feet. Her tiny, little princess feet.
-Also her black choker, which is incredibly goth. 
These are the things that will lull me happily to sleep and swaddle me in good dreams.