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  • The Weeping Meadow

    The Weeping Meadow


    " آنقدر عزا بر سرمان ریخته‌اند که فرصت زاری نداریم... "

  • The Charcoal

    The Charcoal


    I added this film to letterboxd and obviously, I'm the first one to log it. :))
    I was practically alone watching this in the cinema which is a shame that it hasn't been advertised more.
    This is a film about humiliation, about the length that people are willing to go to defend their honor and dignity.
    The cinematography is pretty decent and the use of long shots through the beautiful landscapes of Azarbaijan helps build up the right atmosphere even…

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  • Cría Cuervos

    Cría Cuervos


    Cria Cuervos is a coming of age drama about the eight-year-old Ana and her two sisters whose parents have died, not passed away simply died.
    It's an almost 2-hour reflection on death through the eyes of innocence that reminded me of Bergman's work to some extent.
    Death is the main and drive of the movie, as it is in life.
    it's very sad and very painful to watch but nonetheless emotionally rewarding.
    "I can't understand people who say that childhood…

  • Adaptation.



    In loving memory of Donald Kaufman ♡