Every film nominated for a Goya award in any category [updated 2020]

Some films aren't on Letterboxd and therefore are missing from the list. Here they are:

*Megasónicos (1997) directed by Javier de la fuente and José Martínez.
*Anjé. La leyenda del Pirineo (2002) directed by Juanjo Elordi.
*Eyengui, el dios del sueño (2003) directed by José Manuel Novoa.
*Los Balunis en la aventura del fin del mundo (2004) directed by Juanjo Elordi.
*Betizu eta urrezko zintzarria (2007) directed by Egoitz Rodríguez.
*El productor (2006) directed by Fernando Méndez-Leite.
*Cómicos (2009) directed by Ana Pérez, Marta Arribas.
*La mirada de Ouka Leele (2009) directed by Rafael Gordon.
*El tesoro del rey Midas (2009) directed by Maite Ruiz de Austri.

-> Short films aren't on this list either because most of them cannot be found on letterboxd.