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  • Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

    Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

    What a load of shit. This is my biggest problem with this latest string of DC animated films - they disregard the source material to point of these adaptations being unrecognisable from their comic counterparts, and even that would be fine if these were intricately structured stories that are driven by character arc rather than plot.

    The idea that explicitly depicted violence is an important element for mature, undraped and raw storytelling is a fallacy and this film proves that.…

  • Burning



    This film so tactfully castigates its
    audience on being unwitting or rather oblivious perpetrators of a patriarchal system that enable predators to (disproportionately) get away with their crimes. When Hae-mi goes missing, the constructs of her being are used to dispell any suspicion that something bad may have befallen her, and it works. It works because like Hae-mi, the audience is lulled by Ben's charismatic personality and uninterested in seeing anything else in him.

    Although the film leaves most of…