Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast ★★½

The original Disney version of Beauty and the Beast was the first animated film to be nominated for best picture at the Oscars. It's a cinematic achievement, an animated film that feels real. More real, in fact, than this sometimes wooden, clumsy, and difficult to digest live action remake.

I think it was so weird because it took itself so seriously. Everything cartoonish and exaggerated in the original was removed in favor of an odd attempt at realism. For me, those were the pieces that felt so out of place. (Belle's half-assed backstory, the toning down of Le Fou, making Maurice a not at all eccentric artist, etc.)

And I am mostly annoyed that they hired a six-time Tony Award winning actress and gave her so little to do!!!!!! How dare you!!!!!!!! (but honestly listening to Audra sing a few bars of the main theme gave me LIFE.)

There were things I enjoyed, don't get me wrong. I always get a swell of teary-eyed emotion during the library sequence (which I thought was underplayed in this version). I thought the supporting cast was great. I also feel like beneath all that autotune, Emma Watson had a fine voice (but Gugu was right there @ Disney). LUKE EVANS!!!!! EMMA THOMPSON!!!! EWAN MCGREGOR!!!!!!

Also If I Can't Love Her >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fucking whatever the Beast's song was called in this. You literally already wrote a perfect song Alan Menken wyd

And that "Gay Moment"..... get ur shit together Disney you can do better than this.