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  • In Vanda's Room

    In Vanda's Room


    "And no one knows what will happen after someone turns a movie camera on. No one ever knew and this is why cinema is great. Those who say the contrary are fakers and the films they make are useless shit. No one ever knew what cinema is" - Pedro Costa

  • Antigone



    Words echo through history. Sound and image in the shot.

    Shot: Werner Rehm recites Kreon in the midst of ruins. In the background of the landcape one sees a city that surrounds the ruins of a civilization and reinforces the impossibility of staging the past. His words are controlled as his gestures, and they echo towards the off-shot.

    Reverse-shot: Astrid Ofner recites Antigone confronting Kreon. Her words amalgamate with the sound of the wind. Her clothes and the tree behind…

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  • Escape from L.A.

    Escape from L.A.


    John Carpenter destroys Hollywood from within with the help of an almost "too old for this shit" Kurt Russell, a con man Steve Buscemi and a transsexual gang leader Pam Grier.

    Whereas Escape From New York isn't totally capable of disrupting what New York indeed stands for through the relation man-State portrayed by Plissken and the Government, Carpenter's Escape From LA places the very mythology permeating Cinema as a third element that mediates both the relations between Snake Plissken and…

  • Férias Para Sempre

    Férias Para Sempre


    O cyberpunk brasileiro é hoje, e vive no mal-estar compartilhado intersubjetivamente numa era pós-moderna

    O que mais me chama a atenção é a forma como, de sua própria maneira (e maneira talvez seja uma palavra chave aqui), é um filme de ressaca, de mal-estar, de letargia. Com o perdão do trocadilho, é o adágio glauberiano transmutado à pós-modernidade, a câmera na mão e a falta ideias na cabeça como a própria ideia na cabeça a ser encenada.

    É um filme…