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This review may contain spoilers.

i think the subject matter and heavy-handed script leads a lot of audiences to think okay: this isn’t just a movie about sexual assault, it’s going to also be an intelligent commentary on and informed conversation around a massively widespread social horror. and maybe that’s what emereld fennel meant for this to be when she wrote it, but the reality is that it wasn’t that— it was a flashy movie with standard flashy movie drama and stakes.

there’s a good argument to be had that if you base your conflict on a topic like sexual assault that you need to bring something deeper to the story than just a thriller. i (mostly) agree, but it’s failure to do so didn’t ruin it for me.

was it profoundly moving or hiding some sort of call to action for the audience to combat sexual assault? no, but i don’t know if that was really its job. ultimately i like thrillers, i like gaudy drama, i like watching women exact revenge, and i got all of that. but that is all it is, and i can see why that bothers a lot of people.