Suspiria ★★

reminds me of last summer when i found myself in an obscure club in lisbon. my "friends" (never saw those people again) squeezed me into a tiny red room with nothing but red lights, red candles and an old television playing what i believe was a homemade movie of a naked bleeding man dragging himself through the streets (still unsure, though). keep in mind all the candles were lit, it was summer and i was on a deadly combination of both legal and illegal substances. i'm pretty sure at some point i astral projected to the other side of the room (so like 1 foot away) and beat my physical body to pulp, while thirty evil ancestral spirits watched and rejoiced. i somehow managed to get it together and leave after the longest three minutes of my life, sweating like a pig in heat, tripping harder than anyone in the history of tripping. i grabbed the first artsy chick i saw and asked what the fuck had just gone down and she had THE NERVE to look me dead in the eye and say "oh yea! you're supposed to feel uneasy, our goal was to recreate dante's inferno". i went to low cost hell and paid €4 to get in... at least i streamed suspiria (2018) for free. thank god for piracy

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