Tenet ★★

ok so... i don’t know how to start this so i’m just gonna jump straight in. i just have to mention how loud this was to the point that i didn’t know if the cinema had turned the volume of the speakers all the way up or if christopher nolan intentionally wanted me to go deaf while trying to understand physics through odd dialogue. the dialogue is at times kinda good but when one character said “If I can’t have you, noone can.” i rolled my eyes so hard that they almost went in the back of my head. that character in general was just awful to me and kenneth branagh’s performance doesn’t help it. i find his performance the weakest in here. the rest of the actors gave great performances especially john david washington and robert pattinson. however, the characters are extemely shallow and needed to be more fleshed out. there is nothing that drives them and they don’t really have anything at stake. considering a lot of people were calling it confusing i was pretty proud of myself for understanding everything that was going on and then at one point i just... didn’t. the film had no real emotional impact on me and dare i say it, it was quite forgettable to me. it tries to tackle so many subplots that you just can’t get properly invested in it. like seriously, i was walking home and i had forgotten so many things already. from what i’ve seen people are quite torn on this. i went to see this with four friends and two of them liked it and two of them not so much. and i’m torn as well. i don’t think this is necessarily a bad film even though it certianly has its flaws. at this point, christopher nolan could cough and many people would call it a masterpiece (...i like him but it’s true). i hate giving somewhat bad ratings to a film solely because i didn’t completely understand it knowing that parts of it are objectively good so that’s the reason for my 3.5 star rating. i really wanted to love this and i can’t tell if i’d like it more if i watched it again but right now that’s my opinion. i obviously liked the cinematography and i thought the score was good too and if i was supposed to understand that the cast is hot, i understood it.

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