Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★★

Was that a zombie in a goddamn cape?!

Honestly I haven't cared for either the characters of a zombie movie was going to die/turn zombie or not since Shaun of the Dead so props to Mr. Zachary Edward Snyder, the visionary, for actually delivering great original characters that make us root for them and better yet make us feel scared about their chances of surviving. Not only that but also making us feel for some of the zombies as well... Yeah, you read it right. Zeus best zombie.

Loved seeing Zack as his own DOP, the movie looks phenomenal.

And last but not least I'm all here for Zack Snyder poking fun of Donald Trump... Actually the whole socio-political commentary is very much on point and I can't wait to see how haters are going to try to twist this one into their dumbass arguement that Snyder's movies are conservative rightwing propagandas.

Rating system: One star for each time the name ZACK SNYDER appeared in the fantastic opening credits.

PS: Finally a zombie movie that plays the song Zombie by The Cranberries

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