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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    The takeaway I get from this is how stunning it feels that here is a depiction of a strong, advanced civilization of African citizens, one that has, as its leader, a very cool, powerful, responsible superhero. It shouldn't feel stunning, but by being here, by existing, Black Panther makes us realize how skewed most of our thinking might be by default. There's nothing like this. This is a fantasy of African heritage as viewed from the top down. The feeling…

  • Wonder



    I was actually slightly pleasantly surprised by this, because it spread the focus from just being about one deformed boy to being about several kids, with their more private struggles and thoughts contrasted against Auggie's much more public trials. I especially thought devoting time to his martyr-like sister was considerate. The movie isn't too tough; it plays more as a family movie, one you'd be able to show your kids and from which they could possibly glean lessons about kindness,…

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  • Skyfall



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    3rd viewing. I've liked this increasingly more each time, and especially this time in contrast to all the Bond movies that came before it, which I've been recently rewatching in order. I remember a critic's quote about Alfonso Cuarón's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which called it the first Harry Potter movie that could be rightfully termed as "cinema." That's mostly how I feel about Skyfall, which feels like the first arthouse Bond movie (sorry, Marc Forster). The…

  • April and the Extraordinary World

    April and the Extraordinary World


    Viewed in French. This was pretty wonderful, probably the closest thing I've seen to a French version of Japanese anime, a sci-fi adventure set in a polluted steampunk alternate history where great scientists disappear, leaving the world stuck with old technology and antiquated sources of energy (the prelude directly links world conflicts to the need for dwindling energy resources, which was a nice touch). The story follows the young daughter of two scientists, now trying to duplicate their work of…