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This review may contain spoilers.

I'm in the minority in that I'm no fan of the original movie, so I was actually really looking forward to this remake because it just had to be an improvement. And I do like it better, but it's almost meaningless to say that because there's very little that's similar about the two except for the base plot and some character names. This movie is completely it's own thing, and I found it... unwieldy. There's a lot going on in it, with pacing too slow and length too long for a horror movie, and yet some intensely gruesome scenes that could out-do most of the horror available today. It has social and political concerns, and features actual modern dance sequences. It has conscientiously creative imagery and cinematography, and a wild bit of stunt-casting. And its ending is go-for-broke insane, but the revelation within it comes out of nowhere. And I know I've already covered this with the spoiler warning, but here's the actual spoiler: were we supposed to understand that Susie became or got inhabited by Mother Suspiriorum? Or was she her all along? And if so, how could the witches so easily influence her nightmares? And what would be the meaning of her childhood flashbacks? The movie is just all sorts of awkwardly-assembled weirdness, and there are things here to be able to get into, but I would have preferred a clearer throughline in this case. That said, it at least beats the original in that it gave me stuff to think about and at least a couple of scenes that will be burned into my brain.