Nobody ★★★★

There’s nothing that irks me more than a film that isn’t self aware of how much of a cliche it is, I love when films are able to understand what kind of film is being made and to just have fun with it, this is exactly why I freaking loved Nobody.

Nobody wears its cliches on its shoulders and not only embraces the ridiculous nature of its story but shows it’s action through a tense and brutal scope. Bob Odenkirk is so clearly having a blast and he does such a great job with not just his campy “badass” role but does a great job with his action scenes. Nobody utilizes fast paced editing and interesting blocking and shot composition to really hit its audience with thrills. It even has a killer soundtrack that has definitely been used in other films but the way it incorporates itself in the action is what makes it more fun. 

I don’t really have any hardcore issues with Nobody besides a certain character coming in the 3rd act out of nowhere but the scene itself is so badass that I’m willing to give it a pass. Nobody is awesome, there’s no intellectual way of saying it, it’s just fucking awesome!