Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

I almost didn’t want to give this film 5 stars but this was way better than it ever had to be. It feels like I’m watching the ending resolution to a film without watching the rest of the film. 

I feel like the concert stage and every single person in the band go through so much creative progression through subtle changes in clothes, hairstyles, lighting, etc and it adds to just how much fun the film is, all of the performers are having such a blast and it shows through their singing, dancing and just overall movement. Johnathan Demme makes the film seem as though these are characters and not people in a band. The music was great, every performer was great, Demme’s direction was great. I can’t really seem to find any flaws with this one. 

I probably won’t watch this like crazy but this film really surprised me for how much fun it truly is and how well Johnathan Demme and Talking Heads constructed this entire film to be more than just an average concert!

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