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  • Athens, Return to the Acropolis

    Athens, Return to the Acropolis


    How the past weaves itself into every facet of our daily lives aswell as our future. Possibly the greatest filmmaker of all time’s love letter to the place where he knew little about but it’s the place where everything he knew came from. Streets, Sidewalks, Corner Stores these all make up the whole with their history and their time. The whole is the city of Athens which like every other city has people, history and time and that’s what Angelopoulos shows us here.

  • The Parallel Street

    The Parallel Street


    What is life. I don’t know. 

    Thanks so much for the recommendation Puffin! His review of this one is much better than anything I could ever produce.

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  • Mirror



    I can’t explain how I feel because my eyes are full of tears and my ears are full of Bach and my heart is full of joy. 

    Best film ever made. Nothing else is getting that title for me. What’s gonna top it? Looking at my 2018 watchlist the only ones would maybe be Army Of Shadows, Landscape In The Mist, Eternity And A Day or L’Argent. And that’s just going of a hunch.

  • Close-Up



    So. Fucking. Good. 

    Absolutely mind blowing. Honestly the two Iranian films I’ve scene have been outstanding and amazingly unique. Only two films in and I can already say Iran is a powerhouse in world cinema. Can’t wait for the rest of Kiarostami’s filmography and The White Meadows.