Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel ★★★★

The only Captain that i ever know and exist in the MCU😚💋

Yknow i normally dont write serious ~reviews but i feel like i have to for once. 
I really dont get all the unnecessary hate that are being thrown at this movie. Yes it is formulaic, just another Marvel movie you said, i agree. But it’s not as horrendous as these men make it out to be, it has heart in it. The way they interlink Carol’s past and present is interesting to me, love it. The dynamic between Carol and Fury is something that i cant just shrug off either. Goose is a scene stealer and i want a cat now (i dont like cats so thats saying a lot). To me it could be better but it’s a pretty neat introduction of Carol to the mcu. 
Carol Danvers will kick Thanos on the dick and Avengers: Endgame bout to be fucking bonkers!!!

Ps: initially rated it a 78/100 but meninists annoy me so much so enjoy this 4 stars review.  

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