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  • White Squall

    White Squall


    Being a bit naughty here as this isn't a 4 star film but it's a 4 star story which makes it worth watching. White Squall just flounders on land for too long before getting going and from there it's just a disjointed bunch of events that don't seem to mesh together well. Even the master Ridley Scott doesn't seem to find his sea legs here as his directing (while beautiful to look at) fails to pull us in.
    It's odd…

  • Murder on the Orient Express

    Murder on the Orient Express


    Loved the locomotive at the start, loved the caboose at the end...but geez, those carriages in the middle section could've done with some tightening up. One exposition scene after another damn near derailed what was otherwise a damn fine murder mystery.

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  • Midnight Run

    Midnight Run


    This movie is my happy place. It gets better on every re-watch And that Danny Elfman score...damn, it;s powerful nostalgia!

    Damn you Martin Brest wherever you are - you showed the world how great action comedy buddy films should be made...and then you stopped making them! Somebody find this guy and give him a camera.

  • Upgrade



    First off, let me say, best opening credits sequence of the year - short, effective and I don't think it's been done before.

    Moving on from that we're treated to a direct-to-video style story done at elevated production values. And to be clear, that's not a slight on the story - it's actually pulled off very well, with a sharp witty script - take KITT from Knight Rider and implant him in somebodies brain instead of a car (and maybe…