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  • The House

    The House


    Sometimes the Will Ferrell comedic style continues to win me over - the line-o-rama's, the yelling out whatever emotion he happens to be feeling at that moment, the silly faces and out-of-place crude humour. It's never going to be a 5 or even 4 star comedy anymore unless some drastically different tactic is used but in the meantime I can happily watch 1 or 2 of these a year and laugh more than eye-roll.

    Am starting to think that his…

  • Aftermath



    Scoot made me cry...just a little bit.

    Powerful movie which explores grief better than most, as well as purpose, revenge and forgiveness - all pretty well trodden themes but this one rams home the emotional gut punches thanks to those amazing performances (check out Bill Pullmans son!) and some elegant work by the DoP.

    Arnies best film in quite a while so good on him for taking a chance on something less suited to his standard fanbase.

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  • Midnight Run

    Midnight Run


    This movie is my happy place. It gets better on every re-watch And that Danny Elfman score...damn, it;s powerful nostalgia!

    Damn you Martin Brest wherever you are - you showed the world how great action comedy buddy films should be made...and then you stopped making them! Somebody find this guy and give him a camera.

  • Spectre



    My enjoyment of Spectre steadily tracked downwards from the spectacular opening scene (with an impressive long single take through a crowd scene), then off on a trip around the world for multiple dull conversations, a couple of mediocre action sequences, and then finally, the worst ending to a Bond film I've ever seen.

    Nothing worked well - the humour fell flat, the old school Bond bag of tricks like gadgets and silly over-the-top action set pieces (attacking cars by flying…