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  • Army of One

    Army of One


    Bucking the trend here by confessing that I genuinely enjoyed this film. Despite it being about an incredibly annoying, disturbingly patriotic, mentally unstable ignoramus it still has a heart of gold. Everything Gary Faulkner sets out to do is based on a warped sense of duty and kindness (and a desire to serve God who talks to him directly a fair amount). He's never cruel, underhand or false although he is an idiot and there was something endearing about that.…

  • Standard Operating Procedure

    Standard Operating Procedure


    As powerful now as it would have been nearly a decade ago. Maybe even more so as it appears the US Administration has learned nothing by the mistakes made by all involved with this event. It seems that it's always the lower ranks that get sacrificed while the people in real power have no real consequences apart from having to do a couple of embarrassing press conferences.

    Anyone even contemplating joining the armed forces needs to watch this and realise…

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  • Midnight Run

    Midnight Run


    This movie is my happy place. It gets better on every re-watch And that Danny Elfman score...damn, it;s powerful nostalgia!

    Damn you Martin Brest wherever you are - you showed the world how great action comedy buddy films should be made...and then you stopped making them! Somebody find this guy and give him a camera.

  • Spectre



    My enjoyment of Spectre steadily tracked downwards from the spectacular opening scene (with an impressive long single take through a crowd scene), then off on a trip around the world for multiple dull conversations, a couple of mediocre action sequences, and then finally, the worst ending to a Bond film I've ever seen.

    Nothing worked well - the humour fell flat, the old school Bond bag of tricks like gadgets and silly over-the-top action set pieces (attacking cars by flying…