Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★

I get it - this movie looks like the best summer you ever had (reminded me I need to get to Italy) and the subject matter is virtually untouched by Hollywood; but I was so, so bored. I didn't warm to either of the characters, probably due to their dialogue being so banal and they never seem to do anything interesting, so that didn't help. And being a father of a bi-teen, I was pretty uncomfortable with the age difference of the couple - once again, I get it, love happens...I just couldn't shake that uncomfortable feeling - were they intentionally going for a Lolita vibe?

It's interesting to me that a lot of hate for this film (reading through the half star reviews) is from gay people who say they deserve better and I tend to agree. And how come it's still brave and acceptable to show graphic lesbian sex (Blue is the Warmest Colour) but when two dudes get it on, the camera rushes to the nearest open window and focuses on a tree!?

Totally baffled as to why a sequel to this is being made - this ended fine! Wonder what it'll be called? Call Me By Your Name 2: We're going to need a bigger peach.

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