Dunkirk ★★★★

I don't utter it often, maybe even rarely. Dunkirk is visual cinematic perfection. A raw, harrowing, distressing, bare-knuckled ride of phenomenal intensity and it sure packs a tremendous punch. Every minute shown on screen, every shot is a director at his peak finest, a director in charge of every captured moment. It's utterly immersive, visceral and unforgiving at points, fixating me and transporting me within as I felt like I was on the battlefield itself. Hans Zimmer is backing with his literally unstoppable score, it's probably some of the best he's ever done, heightening each scene to it's maximum potential and emotional potency.

Dunkirk is intense, not just the fun-ride type you'd expect from a blockbuster, this film in all its authenticity, at it's most bare-bones is necessarily a horror film, from the beginning moments, the moments the dive-bombers are seen, when the first bullets are fired. Dunkirk does not halt for a single minute, it does not cease to simulate the viewer until it's final seconds. Dunkirk is an authentic, invigorating and powerful cinematic achievement, with a director fine-tuning to the point of precision that needs no further refinement. This film utterly flawed me as a piece of visual-storytelling from the first frame and I can't wait to see it again. An experience that can rarely ever be replicated elsewhere.

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