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  • The Favourite

    The Favourite

    It’s early 18th century England: Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) is of poor health and is less interested in dealing with the ongoing war with France than throwing childlike tantrums and passing on the political duties of her job to her dear friend Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough (Rachel Weisz). Through their loving relationship, she has mostly managed to push her own political efforts with the Queen as her conduit; that all changes with the arrival of Lady Marlborough’s cousin Abigail…

  • Roma


    For half an hour, I wondered if Alfonso Cuarón was finally going to let me down. All the hype had built up to something that wasn't gripping me, especially compared to how quickly I was engrossed by his last two outings. I was wrapped up in the technical beauty, but not in the narrative, in the bratty kids and the stuck-up father.

    Then something began to happen. Relationships formed, dynamics took shape, and the neorealism showed its clearer meaning. Everything…

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  • RBG


    I love seeing a movie with a creative crew consisting almost entirely of women, but for covering such a remarkable person, this is a rather unremarkable documentary. Yes, I learned a bit about Ginsburg and the things she has accomplished across decades of work, but it all amounts to little more than what I feel like I could've learned from reading her Wikipedia page, or a report I might've heard in high school - which probably would've been plagiarized from…

  • Kramer vs. Kramer

    Kramer vs. Kramer

    My heart hurts.

    Hits familiar beats, but in all the right ways. Benton presents the uncomfortable truths of divorce and marriages that just don't work with an unbearable authenticity, initially seeming to but never actually pointing fingers at one side more than the other. Dustin Hoffman is perfect, as is Streep once she reenters the picture and gives her character some depth that we didn't exactly realize was there.

    I wonder if Kenneth Longergan took any inspiration from this when making Manchester by the Sea: I felt a lot of similarity, notably in the idea that things don't necessarily get "better," they just get "less bad.

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  • Interstellar


    Remarkably intelligent and undeniably ambitious, Christopher Nolan finds the perfect balance of space thrills and human emotion in the truly brilliant Interstellar.

  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One

    Ok so I recognize that this narrative is quite flawed, but dammit this is the Spielberg I've been waiting for for so long. This is the Spielberg I grew up on, the Spielberg that introduced me to film in my childhood and the one that cemented my love for it. Yes, the references are fun, and there's one in the second act that made me cry so much I had tears streaming down my face and had to try to…