Loving Vincent

Loving Vincent ★★★

Astoundingly animated, disappointingly dull.

It really is a shame that what's easily one of the most revolutionary animated films ever is working off of this script. The hand-painted animation is obviously gorgeous, and I really love how the "present" timeline after Van Gogh's death is very much inspired by his work while the flashbacks are less so, but as you settle into the visual style, you realize it's masking a really drab narrative. A posthumous examination of Van Gogh's impact isn't necessarily a bad approach, but when that approach lends itself to feeling more like a university history lecture than a narrative film, something is wrong. The mystery is admittedly engaging, especially in the latter half where it finds its footing and starts to deliver emotions besides boredom, and the finale is appropriately swelling, but the path to get there is so tedious, that I confidently believe this movie would be nothing without its animation technique. So check it out to support the years of hard work that went into each frame of this film, but expect little else.

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