The Skin I Live In ½

Depraved, retarded, greatly perverted.

No, it doesn't navigate any of our current issues at all, funny how Pedro tries to shape our understanding of this film by that title, so when you are left dumbfound by what you have just seen you read the title and you are like 'oh, I figured it all out'

A sick scientist kidnaps the man that raped his daughter, traps him for weeks, lobs of his penis, gives him a bunch of dildos to form his new 'orifices', watches him get raped, then proceeds to fuck him. Good God.

The run time is completely wasted, not a single character is fleshed out or makes sense, with most of them showcased in a vapid exposition of 40 minutes.

the brother character never made sense, used as an instrument to show a rape scene for no reason other than shock value, female anatomy exposure (which was all Pedro gave for Alenya's character to do) and 30 minutes of exposition to reveal the shock twist that I assume we all deciphered 25 minutes before its unveiling. lol

This movie was marketed as some sort of twisted, psychological horror, nothing causes tension due to lack of character and substance to the story. All you find is weak attempts of shock value that you soon enough find it of comical value.

What the fuck has transgenesis, got to do with any thing, the wife burning? but that story gets 1.5 min of screen time and goes no where. Same for the daughter.

Is the Scientist driven by Science? trying to turn him into his former wife, or avenge a rape, or is he an evil dude who likes messing around but he hasn't done that sort of depravity before.

What is the premise of the film, will Vera now tell his mom that he raped a girl, or will he just crack on with the lesbian Christina?

Am I supposed to feel sorry for Vinent/Vera? If anything she deserves all what she got, giving him a vagina was honestly hilarious.

There has been that recurring theme in Perdo's career, where he is that lazy capricious artist who spews his paint over a canvas. Subsequently people misinterpret it as some grade A art not exactly knowing why they liked it or using vague terms to describe it, or even worse people tend to do a better job and develop his 'ideas' for him.

I assume you all loved it because it was 'hip' and the director had the LGBT pass , after all he impressively played the art-house game with those visual homages of critically acclaimed films.

To imagine the monologue that went through Pedro's head for months to develop this film is disheartening, why, just why. This film belong to the cesspool of many other hip-like french and Spanish films carrying no value. Off it goes.

The aesthetics were great.