Alright, finally!

This left me speechless!
I can't rate it right now, but I will try to summarize my feelings and thoughts.

I waited so long for this and had high expectations. Villeneuve managed to surpass them by a bit. So this truly is a masterful piece of cinematic history and one of the best cinema experiences in the last years.

This story is extraordinary. A coming of age story with the intrigues of game of thrones and all this with some star wars stuff.

The actors mostly did an excellent job. How much timothees face could tell was amazing. Sadly Dave Bautista overacted a little bit too much.

The visuals and the music are out of this world! Seriously I think Zimmer deserves an Oscar for this.

So is it villeneuve's masterpiece? No.

For me bladerunner 2049 is actually a little bit better.
Dune's themes and social criticism simply are not as powerful as in 2049.

In addition the first 25min were problematical. I know, it's a complex world and at some points you need the dialogs. But two or three less would have been fine.

And the ending... This is the saddest ending I saw in a long time. Not story wise but because if the uncertainty if we will get part 2 and because the feeling after the last shot. This feeling doesn't live up to the feeling of the rest of the movie.
Villeneuve gives us a totally closed story. Paul found himself. Like in 2049 it doesn't matter how the story goes on, except this time it does matter!?

To rate part 1 is impossible right now. I guess it 4.5 or even a 5. I will rewatch it in dolby cinema as soon as possible, because my cinema today was quite small. And after a rewatch I will certainly know the rating.

So go and watch this amazing piece of a movie in cinema! Because the real shit is just about to begin and we all deserve to see it!

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