Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★½

Guardians of the galaxy 2 is the next film in the MCU, and it was also my most anticipated of the year. It won over that spot because the first one is my favorite of 2014, but I was still a bit worried for this film. Luckily everything went more than perfect! Guardians 2, similar to Logan is a Character Driven film, focusing on different characters past. We get more back storys which then leads there tohopefully be more MCU Entry's to take place in the Galaxy. My only problem is that this movie explains something, and after that you try to process it in your head but they show you more stuff after that, and its just a hard process. But everything went smoothly with the perfect not 2 hour, but 2 hour and 15 minute run time. Yes this has to be seen in IMAX 3D mostly because the 3D effects deliver some satisfying pop out and depth, but the IMAX aspect ratio sucks you into the story with these characters. Its pretty close to being a 10. I'll need to rewatch this one again next week. But as of now, this is fighting the 2nd best spot with Lego Batman, but leaving Logan still being my favorite of the year. Grade: 9.5/10 (A) 

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