Roma ★★★★½


This is not only my new favorite of the year, but it will be hard to for a film from this year to top this one for me. 

-I watched this last night and it took me nearly a full 24 hour period to even start to digest this film.
-I love these characters so much. If I had watched this earlier in the day, I would’ve loved even more time spent with them.
-A perfect mix of Amarcord (a great Fellini) and Yi Yi (one of my favorite films ever.) 
-People who care about arthouse cinema need to see this in a theater. Everything from the sound design to the photography demands to be watched on the best set up you can find. 
 -The emotions hit rough, and this is the perfect culmination to Cuarón’s career so far. 
-Easily Cuarón’s best and among the best in Mexican cinema.
-Every few minutes there is a sequence that will remind you why people idolize Alfonso Cuarón.
-The Acting from everyone is so gentle and genuine that my mom pointed out how great the actors were. Especially from our star, our Cleo, Yaitza Aparicio, who was a first time actress for the sake of this film. 
-Just well done. There may be films I end up just being entertained by more than with this film, but probably nothing will top this in terms of quality. 

-Just a couple nitpicks But some of the subtitles felt very Americanized in their translations. 
-There is a single scene of nudity that I’m pretty sure wasn’t necessary. (In terms of its nudity, the scene content itself = great.)
-The pace is a bit slow which will turn off most mainstream audiences.

“I’d rather play in the dark.”