Tampopo ★★★★½


Part 21 of Film Wars: McCabe and Mrs. Miller vs. Tampopo

One of the absolute best food films, and one of my all time favorites. (I first watched it near the beginning of the year and this is now my fourth time watching it.)

-Starting out with an amazing meta introduction that, on repeat viewings makes more and more sense and ties the whole film together. Especially in consideration of the director (Juzo Itami) and his wife's, star Nobuko Miyamoto who plays the title character, future and their relationship in making films together.
-If there is one film I would want to remake it would be this one, except I would set it in Canada and make it about Poutine.
-This film never gets old. Like I could watch this film until the end of time. One of my favorite foreign language films.
-So many great scenes, even the scenes that make me uncomfortable are well crafted.
-The food... Most of the food here are things that I don't like, but all of them are captured so well.
-This is also one of the funniest movies I've seen, foreign or otherwise. Whether crafting social commentary or making homages to anything from spaghetti westerns to The Tramp.
-I just love this movie so much. Something I know I'll love through all walks of life.

-There is a couple scenes that make me uncomfortable here and there, with either their strange or perhaps sexual nature or, in one instance, a usage of animal cruelty captured on camera. But they have grown on me. Also, it's interesting the amount of love I have for this film when I don't like Ramen.
-Some may have issue that the overarching plot of the film is essentially a bunch of men who help a woman get better at making ramen.
-This film is more entertaining than anything else, but who wouldn't love something as entertaining as this?

Winner: Tampopo

"First, contemplate the ramen."