Us ★★★★½


Who are you people?

I personally prefer this to Get Out, as I have digested this over the past few hours. It is very different. Us is freakier, better balanced between humor and scares, and acted to the nines by everybody. As many have said, Lupita steals the show, and though she has already won, I can see why many people want her to win again for this. Peele necessitates rewatches and creates a directorial voice all his own with shades and tools taken from many a masterful director, but never fully sacrificing himself to the homage. This is a large example of a film that plays with its audience near perfectly. The only major issue I have is that it holds the audiences' hand a little too much near the end, but that is perfectly normal.

I see this as Peele's Annihilation. Ex Machina/Get Out may be tighter, or more structurally sound, but Annihilation and Us know to take bigger risks and be a larger showcase for the director in different ways. This film has so much to take apart and analyze, but I will leave that for a further review. Guessing it's gonna be a sec before I see something from 2019 as good as this.

We're Americans...


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